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Eddy current

Heat exchanger test

Delta Test has been testing heat exchangers around the world for over 30 years, with eddy current testing being beneficial from both a technical and economic perspective.

Trust is not enough, control is indispensable!

When it comes to safety and the flawless operation of your heat exchanger tubes, this could be your motto! With the targeted use of eddy current testing, DELTA TEST can help you to always be on the safe side and to avoid unplanned downtime, for example.

Avoid all risks through regular inspections and gain absolute safety instead!

Heat exchanger
longtudinal corrosion
Supportplate damages
external corrosion


Your heat exchangers will be inspected directly on site, in the unit or workshop by the most modern equipment. In the process we can survey all sections of the inspection object:

- the free pipe section

- the tube sheet areas

- for U-arc objects: the arc areas

The high-performance sensor systems that are used for this purpose have been developed and manufactured by Delta Test.

signal example

ambiguity without Z-base

comparsion as Z-presentation

Early Report

Already during the inspection it is possible to receive, if requested, a preliminary documentation that can give you shortly a first overview over the condition of the inspection object.

Final Report

In addition you will receive after finishing the inspection a complete documentation (for example. PDF, 1,9 MB) with indication of the conditions of the tubes inspection as well as damage progress analysis if requested, statement of defect positions over the tube length, plug plans and further analyses.

Your advantage

always updated state of knowledge of the determined status

No waiting for the arrival of a status report.

No more downtime.

The exact documentation of the defect position

Contact persons

Lars Regehr

Head of Service

Phone: +49 5084 9301-52

Thorsten Arndt

Laboratory Manager

Phone: +49 5084 9301-61

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Eddy current
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