Videoscope inspection of tubes

The visual inspection or visual testing (VT) in terms of non-destructive testing methods is the optical quality control of a product (tube, shell, weld) through a technician qualified and certified according to ISO 9712. The type of visual inspection can be adapted and defined as per customer’s requirements. For instance an inspection can be done for acceptable or rejectable material-inhomogeneities such as corrosion, cracks or leakages or a tube cleaning quality control. The visual inspection is one of the most important tools for the root cause analysis of defects. It can be used to clearly determine defect geometry and orientation to get conclusion on the defect mechanism. Visual testing gives outstanding possibilities to confirm and underline defects or indications, previously found with other NDT methods like eddy current or ultrasonic by means of expressive images.

Because of the fact that integral NDT methods like eddy current or IRIS are much more suitable for a full coverage inspection of larger areas (tubes) we use the visual testing for the verification of defects, cleaning control or random spot check only.

The use of visual testing makes it possible to inspect tubes as well as other components which are difficult to access with conventional tools. By means of state-of-the-art video technology, combined with qualified personnel certified according to ISO 9712, DELTA TEST guarantees to all clients a competent visual inspection, defect analysis and documentation.