Welded seams

Welded seams are an artificial fixed connection between two components. Due to manifold stresses and complex load processes, the area of welded seams is particularly at risk to develop cracks and cause components to fail.

Grinded as well as ungrinded welded seams can be tested with the eddy current probes adjusted to the surface geometry. Wall thicknesses up to 20 mm (material-dependent) and crack depths from 0.1 mm can be reliably detected with suitable test systems. Welded seams of carbon steel, stainless steel as well as INOXYDA have already been successfully tested by DELTA TEST. Even hot tests up to 600 °C can be realised with our test system and respective personal protective equipment.

The inspection of austenitic weld seams was a big challange since many years. Delta ferrite within the weld seam made a serious inspection almost impossible. Delta Test has developed special probes which makes the inspection of austenitic welds for cracks (longitudinal and transversal) possible.