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Eddy current probes for tubular inspection

For its own requirements as well as according to customer specification, DELTA TEST produces eddy current probes for testing heat exchanger tubes from paramagnetic and ferromagnetic materials.

This includes amongst others austenites, cupronickel alloys, titanium, alloys, brass alloys and ferromagnetic materials like steel, compound steel, monel. Furthermore, rotating probes and special probes like flexible probes for bend testing of U tube heat exchangers are produced.

  • Eddy current probes
  • Special equipment
  • Plugs for heat exchanger and condeser tubes
  • Certified reference defects for eddy current and  ultrasonic inspection
  • Eddy current acquisition software with automatic signal analysis algorithm
  • Advanced reporting software for tubular  inspections
  • Advanced 3D-reporting for surface crack inspec tions