Documentation of heat exchanger inspections

For the benefit of its customers, DELTA TEST pays particular attention to the documentation of eddy current inspection data.

Analysis and reporting of the tube inspection is ensured by our powerful documentation software. Numerous documentation types like statistics, tube diagrams, 2-D views, lists and extended comparisons are available at any time during inspection.

Surface crack inspections on tubing or welded seams are displayed in meaningful and flexible 3-D documentations. All documents are available as hardcopy as well as electronically as PDF.

The documentation of a heat exchanger inspections are provided by software, which is developed and constantly updated by DELTA TEST. This was primarily developed with easy operability in sight, so that the inspector can get a quick and safe overview of the test results on site. This way, customer requests of part results of the test can be met quickly. All test-relevant data are stored in an open database format and handed over to the customer as required together with the documentation for further processing (e.g. in Excel or Access).

Additional features can be realised promptly by our software development team.